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Why should you give your car spa treatment? Take care of your car or truck the way you take care of yourself! Your automobile is an investment of which you are proud. Give it a longer life with regular maintenance and cleaning. Renew your car with detailing by 4-D Auto Shine and give it a great new look. The more you maintain your car, the less you will find damage made by dust, weather conditions and pollution. Auto detailing means less expense over the long-term.

Best Auto Detail Shop in Kamloops

Specializing in car and truck detailing, 4-D Auto Shine was voted the Best Auto Detail Shop in Kamloops.
With nearly 25 years of experience under our belts, we know how to care for your baby. Call us today for a free estimate on custom detailing.

Environmentally Friendly auto detailing

Environmentally Friendly

4-D Auto Shine uses only biodegradable products that are gentle on your car and kind to the environment.
These cleaners will not contaminate the environment, yet they’re effective enough to polish your car inside and out.

Selling Your Car?

Everyone loves a clean and shiny automobile! Bring your car to 4-D Auto Shine where we get into every little nook and cranny, polishing inside and out. The renewed appearance and pristine upkeep of your car adds value, reflecting the care that you have put into your vehicle. Potential buyers will be impressed!

We help you protect and preserve your car.

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Out-Of-This-World Detailing Services!

4-D Auto Shine uses only biodegradable products that are gentle on your car and kind to the environment. Our cleaning products do not contaminate the environment, yet they’re effective enough to beautifully polish your car inside and out.

Engine Shampoo

The engine is the most important part of your vehicle. Dust and heat can damage your engine. That’s why 4-D Auto Shine carefully shampoos your engine.

Bring your car in to us and let us do a thorough, full-cleaning, inside and out. Our detailing gives your vehicle a longer life, and we all know, there's nothing like driving a shiny, clean car!

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Interior Detailing

Vacuuming keeps your vehicle looking clean, but vacuuming alone is not enough to remove daily wear and tear, pet hair/odor and environmental conditions. For a better clean your vehicle needs to have interior upholstery and carpet shampooing. We also offer fabric protection to help keep your carpet and upholstery free from stains until your next detailing visit.

Exterior Detailing

Exterior detailing involves cleaning, waxing and protecting the outside of your car. We provide a thorough cleaning and washing of the exterior of your vehicle, followed by polishing to a mirror-like shine. Waxing can help protect your car’s exterior by providing a protective coat against the rain, snow, and sun. Make sure your vehicle is ready for the changing weather with 4-D Auto Shine's seasonal waxing. Neglecting to wax your vehicle on a regular basis can strip the wax on the car, eventually damaging its finish. Protect your paint job and finish with waxing from 4-D Auto Shine! Ask us about our paint protection products, a vital element for keeping your car or truck looking its best!

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Other Services

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Decal & Graphic Removal
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Paint Overspray

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